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Is stress weighing you down?

Are you anxious, tired, depressed or just trying to "get by?"

What if you could have more fun, and be more productive every day? Vedic Meditation is an effortless, self-sustaining daily meditation practice that can uplift your life by helping you to cope with daily stresses and work through the backlog of stress you've accumulated over your lifetime. 

Why is less stress in the body such a good thing?

Stress accumulation is that gunky stuff that causes us to have extreme stress reactions to small triggers. (Ever freak out because someone bumped into you on the street? Yeah thats what I mean). As you clean out stresses, old and new, through a daily meditation practice, you can live happier and be oh-so-much-more-balanced. The best part about the Vedic System? It's easy, effortless, and enjoyable - with a myriad of mental and physical benefits that I am super excited to share with you!


Step 1: Have an intro with Kelsey
Step 2: Attend the 4-day course (1.5 hours per day, 4 consecutive days)
Step 3: Enjoy unlimited follow ups, including group meditations/knowledge meetings and retaking the course in perpetuity. 

Have you tried "diets" before unsuccessfully, or maybe you just don't know WHY you can't lose those last few pounds. Or perhaps you're dealing with a more intense disease or food allergy/sensitivity and it's wreaking havoc on your immune system? Maybe you just want to supplement your other healthful pursuits with improving your food --- or are you dealing with emotional eating issues?

I specialize in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine - the two oldest systems of "food as medicine" on the planet. I've worked with hundreds of clients facing health challenges such as: weight loss, acne/psoriasis/eczema, leaky gut, food sensitivies/allergies, autoimmune diseases, migraines, emotional eating challenges, and more. 

Do you want to uplift your relationship with food?

How it Works

Step 1: Sign up for an intro call below
Step 2: Schedule your Initial Consultation to build your Personalized Food Plan
Step 3: Choose your follow up structure: 1x / month or 2x / month for 3 or 6 months.